Korea | A modern country with timeless beauty

A country full of novelty and tradition of 2,000 years Korea used to be synonymous with rapid change and trendiness.
Reviving and recreating old things, it has seen the winds of urban change, regeneration and modernization making Hanok and Hanbok hot attractions in the city.
Tradition does not disappear but is born again in today’s Korea. Discover the amazing harmony of the old and the new.

Country Name Republic of Korea
Capital Seoul
Area 100,339.4 km2
Language Korean (Hangeul)
Currency Won (KRW)
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Time Difference GMT + 9 hours*
Electricity 220 volt

※ 16:00 in Korea = 02:00 in US (-13 hours), = 15:00 in China (-1 hour), = 16:00 in Japan (-0 hour)

Daegu | Powerful Daegu full of freedom and vitality

Daegu is a city of living legacy and charm embracing 3,000 years of history. Nestled within wooded mountains and the Gumhogang river flowing around it, Daegu is an ideal place to convene and relax.

The congress participants are assured of a warm welcome and a comfortable stay in Daegu, a city with many historic legacies registered as the World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

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